Euro American School

About Us


Our Vision

  • Union of professional learning community for the purpose to achieve common educational goals clearly defined, and evaluates and analyzes student achievement results.
  • Researching and applying educational strategies that are conducive to continuous improvement in student achievement.
  • Demonstrating interest and professional commitment to success school and the well-being of all our students.
  • Actively participating in creating a welcoming school environment, stimulating and dynamic.

Our Mission

  • Providing all students with a safe learning environment warm, welcoming, adapted to their individual needs by offering the opportunities that will allow the development of skills to school, personal, professional, moral and francophone levels.
  • All school staff works as a team to develop common assessment measures and to analyze student results in order to implement all effective and relevant strategies that will allow all students to achieve a higher level of achievement in literacy and numeracy.
  • Making sure that all our students develop and learn in a constructive climate where teachers and non-teaching staff, teacher, parents and students themselves demonstrate enthusiasm for learning.


Our main Values

  • Integrity: Be honest with strong moral principles and character, both publicly and privately.
  • Responsibility: Recognize the authority, the discipline of the living environment.
  • Respect: Honor ourselves, others and the community.
  • member

    EAS focuses on improving four key areas:

    Improving learning: EAS positively contributes to the community through a rigorous and authentic educational program.

    Supporting teachers and educators: EAS attracts and develops educators and offers professional development program.

    Building community: EAS creates a complementary culture between home and school that reinforces our Mission.

    Improving facilities and resources: EAS offers inspiring facilities that support learning, wellness, and community; our resources are used efficiently and allocated to support our mission.