Euro International School- EIS

Euro International School- EIS is an English International school (IGCSE) in Alexandria that teaches the British curriculum. The school accepts students for play school at the age of 2 years and 8 months & provides the students with a British Diploma certificate.

About EIS

Euro International School is subject to the protocol signed in 14th June 2011 by the Egyptian Ministry of Education on one hand and EdExcel board, OxfordAQA board, Cambridge University and the British Council in Egypt on the other hand.
Simultaneously, our Campus is seeking the IGCSE accreditation from the British Council in Egypt which is the ONLY representative of the British educational organizations in Egypt.
The British Council is also directly supervising the Cambridge / EdExcel / OxfordAQA in Egypt.
Students finish their high school with Cambridge / EdExcel/ OxfordAQA which is one of the most successful and very well –known educational degrees worldwide.
IGCSE consists of 15 school years. It starts with play school and ends up with the high school (3yrs)

Why EIS?

Euro International School

1. A sound international degree (British IGCSE/EdExcel).The IGCSE is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is approved and recognized by universities and employers worldwide.

2. Getting to know more about the English culture, EIS follows the British National curriculum of England, with some adaptations especially in history and geography where Egypt and the Middle East feature prominently.

3. Very qualified teachers, exemplary educators with a professional development program and administrative staff.

4. Well-equipped classrooms (Class capacity of maximum 20 students) to guarantee a differentiated instruction and high qualified learning and resources are used efficiently and allocated to support our mission.

Special days of EIS

A day to celebrate the end of the year and the accomplishments achieved over the last several months

Star Students of European Schools were awarded The Cambridge Assessment International Education Certificate

It was a long journey with many challenges, obstacles and difficulties, however, our believe in our mission and our students supported us through this journey. Celebration of G12 Graduation and handing over "Cambridge Certificates"

Welcome to EIS community

A genuine love for kids , inspiring them to imagine and explore with a big desire to see them succeed.

Support students to discover their skills and passions. Students participate in a diverse array of courses and co-curricular activities including student clubs, and visual and performing arts.

Each student achieves her or his educational and personal potential in a safe environment and work towards a Goal and overcome setbacks.

We build character and motivate our students to positively contribute to their communities, honor themselves, others and their Country .

Proud to be at EIS

Better future for All

Education is an Art of appreciating life

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Address :- End of El Nabawy El Mohandes st. International Schools st.
Mandara Keblya - Alexandria

Reception (National departments): (03)5172007/8/9 – (03)5172010/1 - 01021064002/3/4/5
Reception (International departments): (03)5174420 – (03)5174410
Admission: 01000744757
Euro site services: 01066932528

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